South Jersey Emergency Tree Removal

Well here we are in the middle of the Blizzard of 2017…. It looks like the weather people were a little off the mark AGAIN. The so-called blizzard has turned into a sleet and Freezing rain event. Many of you may be thinking we dodged the bullet, and that may be true for humans, but he tree’s are in SERIOUS DANGER. The combination of Wet Snow, Freezing Rain and Sleet, and high winds Wreak havoc on Tree’s.

Properly cared for Tree’s will hold up but tree’s that haven’t been Trimmed in years can suffer the worst. Tree’s simply can’t take the extra weight of Ice and Snow. If you are lucky, you loose a branch and not the entire Tree.

If you find yourself with a Tree Emergency, Call us ASAP we can help you through the entire process and even work directly with your Insurance company.


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